Junzi Kitchen Capture

This is an assignment that I worked on with my coworker Audrey for spoiledNYC's Instagram story.  Our job was to capture the opening celebration of a new restaurant in Greenwich Village.  We worked together to ideate and publish an Instagram story that would make the restaurant appealing to potential customers in our audience.

Coffee Break

This Instagram story was made for spoiledNYC.  It is similar to many other stories that I made on a daily basis, with a focus on providing easy access to spoiledNYC content as well as a variety of entertaining and useful information.

Hello Ermengarde: an interview with actress Tara Willey

By Patrick Larsen After countless of work, Hello Dolly! has taken the stage at Elon University.  The combined efforts of dozens of actors, directors, set builders, costume makers and other technical workers have created a piece of art that is ready to showcase.  Tara Willey, an Elon sophomore, provides some insight on the work that went … Continue reading Hello Ermengarde: an interview with actress Tara Willey