RStudio Projects

By Patrick Larsen

This post includes links to websites created for my Applied Media Analytics course, in which I used the programming language R to find stories in big data.

Text Analysis:

For this project, I used text of every Presidential Inaugural Address in the history of the United States to try to find interesting trends around major historical events or trends.  I used the Bing sentiment lexicon and ggplot2 to get to and display my findings.

For this project, I furthered my experiments with text analysis, this time opting to use data from the Twitter API.  Specifically, I was interested in analyzing tweets from and about Kanye West, as this project was being done in the wake of his chaotic return to the social media platform.  I used a couple of different sentiment lexicons and visualization packages to find and display my results.


For this project, I scratched the surface of R’s mapping capabilities by comparing the adoption of Naloxone to the number of opioid overdose deaths throughout North Carolina.  It took a lot of work in the leaflet package, but it wasn’t terribly difficult to find interesting discrepancies in the data once I got it all working.

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