Students Unsurprised by Elon Poll Results at Trump’s 100th Day

By Patrick Larsen

Graphic/Statistics by Elon Poll

The Elon Poll has just released data from their surveys conducted April 18-21, 2017.  The results indicated that North Carolina voters were displeased by President Donald Trump’s general performance, as well as his use of Twitter and the border wall.  It was also found that approximately half of North Carolinians think the government should move on from repealing and replacing the Affordable Care Act to other issues.

Jason Husser, director of the Elon University Poll, sees that the Trump administration is not getting traditional support.

“Typically, presidents enjoy strong support during their first 100 days, even from former opponents or critics,” Husser said. “The Trump presidency is different. His level of support both for himself personally and for his key policies is as low as we’ve seen them in the history of opinion polling.”

Of three Elon students interviewed for this story, only one was surprised by the results:

“If it was mainly conducted within the research triangle, I’m almost surprised it’s not less of an approval rating,” said sophomore Thomas Coogan.

Graphic/Statistics by Elon Poll

Coogan was not surprised, however, by the poll results regarding Trump’s Twitter account.

“Even Trump supporters are like ‘knock it off,'” Coogan said.  “He’s getting less likes as the weeks go on.  When he’s blaming other people, it doesn’t go over well.

Coogan seems uncertain of what the future holds for Trump.

“There’s only so long you can scapegoat before people say, ‘you’re not the person for us.'”

He thinks that the 2018 midterms could be a turning point, with traditionally red areas who voted for Obama potentially switching blue again.

Kristin O’Neill

Sophomore Kristin O’Neill was neither surprised nor amused by the results.

“Doesn’t surprise me,” she said.  “I wish it was that way earlier.”

O’Neill also anticipates the approval ratings to go up and down in the future because some people want to like Trump and some people just want to hate him.

Sophomore Betsy Albritton also understands the ratings, saying that “there aren’t a lot of reasons to like him.”

She also acknowledged that a large portion of North Carolina is red, which might be why he has such even approval and disapproval ratings.

It’s worth noting that North Carolina has shifted since the election, with 50% of voters choosing Trump and 46% choosing Clinton.

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