Leo Lambert to Step Down as Elon President

By Patrick Larsen

Leo Lambert

Leo Lambert, Elon University president of 18 years, is stepping down from his post.

At approximately 8 a.m. Monday morning, Elon students, faculty and staff received an email from the President briefly detailing his decision.

“It has been an immense honor and privilege to serve this remarkable University,” Lambert said.

Sienna Standfield, Sophomore, was surprised.

“Wait, really? Oh no!” she said.

“[I want] someone that understands the atmosphere of Elon and wants to make changes that will help Elon and cares about the students and the staff,” Standfield said of the still undecided incoming president.

Jesse Parrish

Jesse Parrish of the Elon Registrar’s Office said “I was not surprised. I had an inkling that it was coming. I do know that he will continue to be a significant part of the community as president emeritus, much like Dr. Danieley. So in that regard he has a good model for his continued participation.”

Bryan Meko, senior, said that he wanted the next president to have some different priorities.

“I’d like somebody like Leo Lambert,” he said. “Maybe not as focused at putting Elon on the global map, but focused on unifying the student body.”

Bryan Meko

In Lambert’s time as president, the University has grown significantly. Applications for undergraduate admission have doubled and enrollment grew by 2,700 students.

Campus has physically grown as well, with dozens of new facilities rising all over the university grounds.

Elon’s Board of Trustees will be forming a special board for choosing a new president.

A special College Coffee will be held Tuesday at 9:40 a.m. in the Alumni Gym.  Lambert will be in attendance.

Leo Lambert’s farewell video can be viewed here.

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