Numen Lumen to Host Apocalypse Symposium

By Patrick Larsen

Numen Lumen Multifaith Center will house a symposium titled “On the Edge of the Apocalypse: New Directions in the Interdisciplinary Study of Religion” on Feb. 9-11. The event is sponsored by Elon’s Center for the Study of Religion, Culture and Society (CSRCS) and will host 11 scholars from the U.S. and Canada.

According to the event’s website, CSRCS invites “scholars from any discipline to explore with us the edges of apocalyptic thought and practice.”

You may be asking, “What is ‘apocalyptic thought?’”

Brian Pennington – Elon

We interviewed CSRCS director and religious studies professor Brian Pennington to answer just that question.

“‘Apocalyptic thought’ refers to ideas we find around the world and throughout history that the world will come to an end through violent, cataclysmic causes,” Pennington said. “Often this kind of thing involves God appearing on Earth or sending deputies to crush evil-doers and reward the righteous.”

“Elon is committed to educating the community,” says Pennington, “about the role of religious ideas in sociery and to advancing research – by both students and faculty – about the role of religion in society.”

“…The keynote address by David Cook of Rice University on February 9 – – is definitely something we want Elon students, faculty and the public to attend.”

The symposium’s website is found at

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